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"What a Day!" Applebloom said, "We had so much fun helpin' out other ponies with Cutie Mark problems."
"Yeah! And it was a pretty wild one too," Scootaloo added as she lets out a little fart. "That was a good 'un! No wonder why ya call yerself 'Pootaloo" Applebloom said while turning her flank to the camera and pats it. "Umm.. Girls?" Sweetie Belle said with a wedged bottom, "I think my toilet's a bit too small."
"Don't worry Sweetie Belle, we'll get you out soon," replied the so-called 'Pootaloo' who let out another stinky fart. Sweetie Belle tries nudging herself out of the toilet but makes it go deeper inside the toilet. "This is gonna be a while," she murmured.
suggestive140744 artist:snipiper31 apple bloom48973 scootaloo50947 sweetie belle48649 earth pony241962 pegasus284868 pony950140 unicorn315642 but why568 cutie mark crusaders18881 fart2171 female1346463 filly65405 poop5253 pooping1920 solo1051890 stuck2572 toilet1663 traditional art116708


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