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Banner design for the Sunset Shimmer group on Fimfiction.net, though as of this uploading it's not in use. Vectors either came with usage permissions or permission was sought and given.

Original vectors from left to right:

safe1750738 artist:andoanimalia911 artist:imperfectxiii184 artist:keronianniroro175 artist:millennial dan44 artist:seahawk270222 artist:sugar-loop334 sunset shimmer64803 pony1010695 unicorn342362 equestria girls207135 equestria girls series34879 forgotten friendship5663 friendship games12828 legend of everfree8112 let it rain223 my past is not today422 rainbow rocks18536 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14929 banner2069 become an equestria girl37 belt5853 camp everfree outfits1854 clothes476126 cute205729 cutie mark on clothes3206 eqg promo pose set576 female1402086 fiery shimmer420 fiery wings148 guitar5146 hand on hip7518 happy32186 jacket13149 leather jacket3485 legs8830 musical instrument11806 pants15318 peace sign3130 shimmerbetes4482 shorts14549 skirt41091 smiling261033 socks68569 solo1094477 sunset phoenix175 vector77856 wings123144


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