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Bonding sisters

Sometimes I want to draw something that… and I draw something like that. But, with comparing my other arts, I used here very very simple background lol. Mostly because I wanted to concentrate on action between these two lovely sisters.

My usual simple drawing and I spend not much on drawing this.

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safe1576251 artist:nevobaster199 rarity169779 sweetie belle46670 pony846314 unicorn266499 abstract background11867 chair5879 cute177533 daaaaaaaaaaaw3109 diasweetes2559 eyes closed80253 female899884 filly59560 hug25491 hug from behind395 lamp2283 levitation10552 magic65905 mare415840 misleading thumbnail995 music notes2970 picture frame674 plushie21861 sharing headphones16 siblings6034 sisters7255 sitting55027 smiling215133 teddy bear1197 telekinesis24725 wholesome310


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