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safe (1501535) artist:jargon scott (1936) princess celestia (86691) twilight sparkle (272109) alicorn (179159) pony (778627) unicorn (233456) :t (3623) carrot (1808) chibi (12126) dialogue (54849) eating (8099) female (825591) food (55916) glowing horn (14844) hand (7283) holding a pony (2361) horn (32437) knife (4412) levitation (9576) lineart (17354) magic (61428) magic hands (611) mare (374744) meme (75888) messy eating (966) nom (2734) partial color (4294) ponified animal photo (501) ponified meme (463) puffer fish eating carrot (3) simple background (316119) smiling (197359) telekinesis (22630) text (44864) this will end in tears (2841) twiggie (205) unicorn twilight (9526) white background (79085)


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28 comments posted
Background Pony #86A5
You can deep-fry carrot sticks. I will admit to once having been bored and wondering what would happen, at a time when I had access to both fresh carrots and a deep fryer.

They're much sweeter after cooking that way. I suspect the heat breaks down and partially caramelizes some of the starches and sugars in the carrot.
Background Pony #C11F
How to socialize your Twiggie. Step four, get her used to being handled and fed by hand.