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Artist's description from DA:
Wrapping things up with walls of dialouge

It's pretty clear at this point that the dialogue is the main focus of the Prologue and not as much on the art-side (AS YOU CAN SEE FROM THE LACK OF BACKGROUND COUGHCOUGH).
Less people are turning up to read it which is kind of worrying in a way, but I try to not be discouraged by it. Maybe someday this series will pick up. :>
I have been getting increasingly popular on Instagram recently, with a ton of reposts from my Voltron comics, 2400 followers strong and still growing. Maybe I'll be able to attract some attention over to my MLP stuff over on Deviantart? (i sure hope so q-q)
safe1750359 artist:bootsdotexe101 oc711865 oc only465416 oc:alpha31 oc:beta16 oc:delta70 oc:lockhart14 oc:lxndr8 bicorn209 earth pony265880 pony1010432 robot8142 comic:beyond our borders66 clipboard1257 comic111462 earpiece108 flower26703 flower in hair8074 horn77581 machine1199 magic75379 magic aura4646 male387971 mutant380 prosthetic horn158 prosthetics3595 stallion115717 telekinesis28723


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