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Ocellus: Brrr… How can you be swimming in this weather S-silverstream. It’;s f-freezing!

Silverstream: Is it? I can’t really tell. We just don’t move as much during the winter seasons.

Yona: Yaks don’t feel winter cold, but even Yona not going to jump into icy water!

Gallus: Agreed. Griffons aren’t big fans of the cold either.

Smolder: That’s because you automatically puff up and get embarrassed.

Gallus: Sh-shut up!

Sandbar: Speaking of cold, will you guys be helping get Winter ready this year?

Ocellus: S-sounds fun. So long as I c-can wear plenty of hats.


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Do the next one where they share the most humiliating thing they've ever done in there life😏
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Princess Book Horse fan.
The life of a seapony is great, can confirm.

Now I kind of want to see Ocellus wearing a stack of the warmest, coziest winter hats possible.