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suggestive151464 artist:lsst10 artist:reiduran1311 sunset shimmer65923 equestria girls211543 :d1314 animated102295 bedroom eyes62944 big breasts88874 bouncing5220 bouncing breasts4073 breast expansion3611 breasts296533 busty sunset shimmer5838 choker13625 female1432608 frame by frame4184 gif33138 gray background8065 growth6119 hip expansion98 huge breasts41438 impossibly large breasts17959 lidded eyes32775 lineart21715 looking at you181448 midriff20091 monochrome154383 no pupils4360 open mouth161186 simple background421894 sketch65829 smiling271986 smirk13488 solo1120538 solo female187152 wide hips19064


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Background Pony #EDB2
Anyone else notice her hair also changed, if only slightly? Is it possible she may have gone Super Saiyan?
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

or like that scene in Simpsons where all the guys let their stomach out cause there was no women then had to suck it back in when it turns out the driver a woman.
Background Pony #D8B1
So that’s what they mean when they say “the magic of friendship grows”!