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They have a reason to be happy
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Background Pony #E3A5
Nah, Celestia's in Pony Life. It's only Luna and Cadance who were forgotten.
Background Pony #6D8C
Sorry, princesses. They didn't forget about you.

Not even Cadance was safe. She can be seen inside one of the toy packages behind Luna.

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Memer and adventurer
@Background Pony #31AB
The toys mention story, so I'm assuming they are a part of the show. Probably not bigger roles than G4.

Precisely. People make every new thing out to be the death knell of MLP, then it comes out and of course it isnt as bad as the loudmouths made it out to be. If anything, all the hate will help the show when it surpasses the lpud expectations of naysayers.

Memer and adventurer
@Background Pony #31AB
Taking it out of comparison of the ad character designs and the promo images, and the company behind the ad.
The company behind the ad does not do TV shows, they only do toy advertising. They animated this, not the actual animation team for the upcoming show. Think the difference between the Hello Pinkie ad and the actual CGI Paramount films use.
As well, the character designs of the ad are very, very different from both the promos and press packet. They are less polished, use a different art style, and have a series of animation errors that usually come around from using unfinished sketches.
The official set for the show doesnt use Calarts, unlike the ad, it is using the same art style as the Littlest Pet Shop- World of our Own, which makes since considering Boulder did that series, and will be doing the Pony Life series. As well, the actual character models are more developed, with alot more detail, which shows that the models used for the ad were likely incomplete.
So, unfortunately, MLP is a toy series first, we got a toy ad first. Let's see what the actual show animation will be, but if you want anidea, look at the LPS series.
Background Pony #5B40
Are you deducing this based on how G4 ads went (giant irises in ads vs normal irises in final animation), or you're taking it out of your… erm, out of nowhere?

Memer and adventurer
Nope. That was actually done by a completely different company using early sketches of the characters. That is why the ad designs and the promo/final character designs look drastically different. Personally, it looks like Boulder borrowed heavily from Littlest Pet Shop's animation designs, and so it might be that Pony Life will have similar animation.
But yeah, the ad was not even close to representative of the final animation.