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Finished commission from Twitter.
safe1557699 artist:amynewblue57 oc595431 oc:azure glide64 oc:iron wingheart19 bird6569 earth pony191637 griffon24485 hybrid14787 parrot378 pegasus233240 pony828823 unicorn258647 bisexual pride flag231 bisexuality141 commission50110 father and son812 flower21726 flower in hair6490 gay24876 gay pride flag301 interspecies offspring6196 lgbt271 male299677 offspring33695 parent:captain celaeno27 parent:oc:azure glide15 parents:azurlaeno17 parents:canon x oc1788 ponyville4928 pride1126 pride flag bracelet4 pride parade12 transgender1458 transgender pride flag221 wonderbolts3361


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