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I had a feeling she was a 'biter'. and i was right.
/See what i did there? ;)
semi-grimdark27678 artist:xyi170 queen chrysalis31984 changeling39230 changeling queen11297 human140214 arm69 biting3251 blood22292 changeling feeding267 cute174026 cutealis1915 fangs21657 female882717 grimcute363 kitchen eyes594 lidded eyes24865 looking at you141150 male299951 ouch935 pov14668 quadrupedal1527 vampirism100


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I dunno why, but I want to say that her saliva (much like that of a leech) would be a natural anaesthetic, and her fangs would have a mostly harmless venom that doubles as a powerful aphrodisiac.

Also, this has nothing to do with what I said above, but would the love bite tag apply here?

(Hears the guy getting bit yelling and then runs into his house with a frying pan)
guy "Help! This thing won't stop biting my arm!"
(Knocks the guy out)
Me "Didja see'em?"
Queen Chrysalis "Who?"
Me "The guys who did this and then ran off."
Background Pony #F75A
(points gun at her)
"I give you three second to let go of my arm before I blast your brains out."
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There is still virtual reality.

Anyways, as long as I wasn't bleeding to death, I would totally gusta being bitten by Chrysalis.
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You don't have to suck my blood. Please stop. If I bleed to death, you won't be able to feed off my love.
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Smacks her square in the eyes
"Gah! Son of a God-wanking low-life witch! My bloody arm!"
Wields the closest solid object in reach with my left hand
"Bad news; I'm ambidextrous. Now get the hell out before I kick your backside so damn hard your subjects will have nothing left to worship!"
The End wasn't The End - Found a new home after the great exodus of 2012

-So, should I pat you on the head?
-No, that won't be necessary.
-Maybe I should hug you?
-I said no! You don't have to do anything!
-Can I kiss you on the cheek?
-NO! Ugh, you dumb bald ape, I said I can eat your love right out of your bloodstream, so no!
-…Can I still pat you on the head while you're doing it?
-Just shut up and give me that wrist!