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Now is approved for flying for the collab.
safe1770126 artist:thunder-blur128 oc722134 oc only471515 oc:shimmering spectacle246 alicorn236179 pony1030050 2020 community collab1153 derpibooru community collaboration3817 alicorn oc28043 cloven hooves10739 coat markings5852 colored wings6843 colored wingtips1724 curved horn7356 cutie mark50592 facial markings2434 female1418821 hair over one eye9498 happy32607 horn80830 leonine tail9378 magical lesbian spawn12837 magical threesome spawn618 mare511141 multicolored wings2994 multiple parents371 offspring41381 pale belly1307 parent:starlight glimmer1544 parent:sunset shimmer1531 parent:twilight sparkle8774 parents:twishimmerglimmer9 show accurate17376 simple background415735 socks (coat markings)3479 solo1108743 spread wings58208 star (coat marking)310 transparent background211732 two toned wings3610 unshorn fetlocks28239 vector78463 wings126920


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