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Now is approved for flying for the collab.
safe1660139 artist:thunder-blur89 oc656093 oc only433276 oc:shimmering spectacle203 alicorn215505 pony924274 2020 community collab1151 derpibooru community collaboration3776 alicorn oc25358 cloven hooves9622 colored wings5619 colored wingtips1618 curved horn6410 cutie mark45564 female1322965 hair over one eye8695 happy30004 horn59657 leonine tail7993 magical lesbian spawn11357 magical threesome spawn530 mare459078 multicolored wings2472 multiple parents337 offspring36998 pale belly920 parent:starlight glimmer1344 parent:sunset shimmer1400 parent:twilight sparkle7929 parents:twishimmerglimmer9 show accurate13803 simple background378126 socks (coat marking)2300 solo1034263 spread wings52112 star (coat marking)186 transparent background195606 two toned wings2574 unshorn fetlocks23844 vector75135 wings97601


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