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"Stylish Dress"

So, I made a stylish dress for Sci Twilight. It's perfect for enjoying around Canterlot City

Base by Hasbro
Outfit design by AryaTheEditor
Twilight cutie mark by BlackGryph0n
safe1575840 artist:aryatheeditor184 sci-twi22087 twilight sparkle282768 equestria girls180258 equestria girls series28461 i'm on a yacht688 spring breakdown2312 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)11703 bare shoulders1741 clothes409217 cutie mark40730 design507 digital art11892 dress39553 dressup589 element of magic1892 geode of telekinesis2371 glasses54955 looking at you143997 magical geodes6635 preview1891 shiny2009 sleeveless3125 sleeveless dress17


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3 comments posted
Lonely Fanboy48

Look I get your predicting the future but can you please don’t hint that there’s going to be a 3rd season? We still got no further information and I’m getting anxiety when people do this.

P.S. can you make a beach image of both Twilights in Equestria together?