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Like Mama, Like Son
explicit321825 artist:aer0 zer0825 li'l cheese386 the last problem4565 anus88386 balls68129 bedroom eyes53842 blushing179619 candy6165 clothes419102 collar29596 colt13524 crossdressing8484 dialogue60117 dock44920 evening gloves7660 femboy8149 foalcon16813 food62973 frog (hoof)10636 gloves17825 heart43999 hoof hold7515 horsecock61557 lip bite10606 lollipop2224 long gloves4796 looking at you149485 male337975 nudity338017 panties46640 panties aside1339 penis139594 pet tag1529 ponut39364 precum9540 presenting22016 puffy anus493 solo991131 solo male24317 spread legs17243 spreading16907 stockings29275 thigh highs29611 trap4247 underhoof47260 underwear56219


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Background Pony #7662
Male, female, able to change genders on a whim-this is Pinkie's foal we're talking about. Now shut up and blow out their candle already.
Background Pony #4774
She was designed as a filly, but at the same time, he was written as a colt.
In the end, though, it really doesn't matter. They appeared once in the series' final episode, and the likelihood of them reappearing in later generations is unclear, but personally, I'm pretty doubtful about it.
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