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safe1656582 artist:laya-21148 applejack165792 rainbow dash228279 trenderhoof852 pony920896 alternate hairstyle26732 appledash5722 applejack also dresses in style150 applejewel649 eyes closed88093 female1319774 floating heart2084 glass4433 grin36221 heart46301 lesbian93950 male356531 megaradash222 nervous5464 nervous grin1007 offscreen character32525 open mouth136889 rainbow dash always dresses in style1601 shipping193776 smiling234582 stallion102500 sweat25110 trembling651


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Not really…actually what I thought is: Two lesbians haven’t came out happen to meet each other at a ball pretending they are straight and they just met last night at a gay bar…
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