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A little weurd, but this is an AU where Pear Butter is a changeling and Bright Mac is a timberwerewolf. They keep their secrets away from their family as best they can, Pear had planted memories into Grand Pear at a young age, to think she was his daughter. She only did this out of desperation, she has only been a pupa when she was thrown from the hive. She was lucky to be alive from the fall!

Bright got bitten a few years before this by an infected timberwolf. Every full moon he turns into a half plant, half dog like creatures with no sense of awareness. Pear helped him by transforming into a timberwolf herself to keep him company. And then they fell in love ♥

Transparent version:
safe1653749 alternate version41186 artist:unoriginai784 edit127418 edited screencap62094 screencap215575 bright mac1246 pear butter2700 changedling7933 changeling44936 hengstwolf391 original species23497 timber pony496 timber wolf1297 werewolf679 the perfect pear1400 alternate universe10028 boomerang (tv channel)433 brightbutter764 changedlingified123 changelingified1232 cute191814 female1317510 kissing23731 male355728 mare in the moon1679 moon22727 shipping193496 species swap18559 straight131357 timber wolfified206


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