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Originally posted on: November 20, 2012
「海上鋼琴師」中文版 第四頁

safe1678849 artist:avchonline199 aura (character)325 bon bon16182 carrot top5413 cloud kicker1999 davenport116 derpy hooves49711 doctor whooves10664 flitter2974 golden gavel72 golden harvest5413 mercury250 minuette5755 night light2233 perfect pie129 red delicious147 royal ribbon278 royal riff387 starry eyes (character)248 sweetie drops16182 time turner10659 twilight velvet4180 twinkleshine2225 vance van vendington72 earth pony238583 pegasus281287 pony941353 unicorn311912 comic:the legend of 19005 apple family member2784 background pony10156 boat1325 bow27805 chinese2780 comic107247 hair bow15084 looking up16025 male363381 rearing5573 running5833 stallion105117 text58221 water12772 wide eyes16828


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