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Sandbar: Wow, really bashing these questions out quickly, aren’t you?

Gallus: I felt if I did five days worth in one day, I could just take a nap for the rest of the week.

Smolder: I don’t think it works like that.

Yona: Does this mean rest of friends have to answer five each day?

Sandbar: Yeeeeah that’s not going to happen.

Gallus: Nyeh. Just means I’m the best.

Ocellus: Quality, not Quantity, Gallus.

Silverstream: Because I poked my head into two questions, does that mean I only have to answer four to beat Gallus? And what if I answer the same question in four different ways.

Smolder: I thought Dragons were competitive, Hippogriffs are on a whole new level.

Silverstream: Yeeeah, not much else to do whilst under the sea for a long time other than invent ways to pass said time! Competition is fun!
safe1597066 artist:sintakhra968 gallus6044 silverstream5508 classical hippogriff4559 griffon24708 hippogriff8572 tumblr:studentsix601 angry24600 cute183026 fourth wall2148 implied ocellus32 implied sandbar52 implied smolder58 implied yona30 looking at you149249 meme79194 offscreen character30547 pushing750 pushing away16 rage face405 shipping denied849 shocked6058 stair keychain41


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Wow! 28 tags, and this is the first time I've noticed it. Bit of an Easter Egg hunt, like Ocellus' Cutie Mark and Yona's trophy.

(And I know that it is not part of the canon design, should have said, "Has this artist always put a stair keychain on Silverstream's necklace?")