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Sci-Twi resting on a park bench after a big meal.

"Oooh! Don't know if I can eat another bite…"
"Are you sure you're not still hungry? You seriously don't want another burger?"
"Oh alright. Bring me TEN!"
safe1657784 artist:bbbhuey144 artist:blanishna49 artist:iscord26 artist:misteraibo172 sci-twi23324 twilight sparkle294074 equestria girls193537 belly27151 bench2408 big belly10388 box4495 drink4663 fast food273 fat21359 female1320972 food67155 food baby166 french fries531 geode of telekinesis2765 glasses59244 hand on belly270 horseshoe fries24 magical geodes8123 park1006 plump6990 request3782 sci-twilard89 show accurate13783 sitting60261 smiling234985 soda1513 solo1032765 stuffed1638 that human sure does love burgers10 twilard sparkle1298 twilight burgkle497 vector75013


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Background Pony #122A
What will happen next if twilight sparkle will eat ten more burgers, if her tummy will get full
Or it will get bigger.