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Never disturb Trixie while she's eating her cotton candy. Never.

P.S. It's strawberry jam
safe (1524622) artist:starwantrix (130) applejack (155083) rainbow dash (213982) rarity (165135) trixie (59815) equestria girls (172600) abuse (6018) barefoot (23223) blood (21618) clothes (388520) cotton candy (602) dashabuse (606) feet (32844) food (57425) footprint (53) footprints (13) hoodie (11382) jam (172) legs (6383) misleading thumbnail (925) missing shoes (490) not blood (116) out of context (4099) panties (44432) skirt (34034) skirt lift (4443) slasher smile (358) smiling (202912) striped underwear (2721) thighs (6952) underwear (53006) upskirt (5216) violence (520) wingding eyes (18119)


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Because nobody would know it's strawberry, most of the people don't read what's underneath the picture. I guess I should have added the warning in the picture instead.
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A Clever Message
P.S. It’s strawberry jam

Sir! The Rainbow, sir! It appears to be… jammed!

Jammed… strawberry. There is only one artist who would dare give her the strawberry… TRIX STAR!