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Re-uploading because I forgot to extend the sky box from the door over to the window.
safe1918721 artist:cheezedoodle961026 bon bon17616 lyra heartstrings31716 sweetie drops17616 earth pony338449 pony1266365 unicorn420034 .svg available9321 alcohol8526 beer1949 beer bottle326 bon bon is not amused1097 briefcase179 clothes540129 concentrating203 couch10191 female1554207 get a job16 glowing horn24227 horn108639 lazy260 lesbian106513 lyrabon3669 magic83707 mare587923 married couple1355 married life73 necktie8672 nintendo entertainment system386 pabst blue ribbon23 ponyville6698 rug771 s.m.i.l.e.90 secret agent sweetie drops416 shipping224678 shirt30976 show accurate22627 sitting75406 suit7213 sunglasses17758 svg4190 tanktop9291 telekinesis32784 tongue out123786 unamused19627 vector82747 video game5447 window10629


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Background Pony #955C
Bon bon: Still in the same stage again?  
Lyra: Is more hard is look but one beat it i will good the next one but still try to fond this secret sword, wont it is impossible to get the good ending!  
Bon Bon: ….dont forget to eat normal and clean your self, i will on mission for 4 week, sorry!  
Lyra: Yeah i know and when you come back we going to crystal empire together, last time i go alone for the equestria game when you be in mission!  
Bon bon: Yeah..i want the crystal empire, oh and eat some of those crystal food, Princess Twilight and Pinkie pie a say is are really good!  
Lyra: Yeah is be, like the crystal popcorn..Hmmm so good, the food look crystal but is not and very yummy but Spike him love the gem of the empire give the crystal pony and i want we take a picture you and it right from the crystal heart!  
Bon bon: Yeah, bye!  
Lyra: Bye…Oh no i die for 42 time….i better go to the toilet before i do it on couch…and take a sandwich…but how twilight a clear this stage so easy, she dont play many video game, she only read….book..NO dont tell me she got a book with all secret and tip to how beat the game?! Dart it!