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"Coach!, Please let me in!" ~ Diane
"Relax Diane, We just need wait for the right time… The right time…" ~ Axle Bright
safe1659056 artist:dianetgx32 edit127849 edited screencap62302 screencap216075 berry punch6442 berryshine6443 caramel2458 cherry cola492 cherry fizzy551 dark moon228 derpy hooves49403 dusty swift74 fat stacks57 final countdown55 frying pan (character)112 graphite227 junebug355 lyra heartstrings28972 orion268 rainbow stars239 shooting star (character)268 silver waves82 sprout greenhoof115 star bright189 summit point10 sunshower raindrops2345 team spirit24 twinkleshine2190 wintergreen72 oc655427 oc:axle bright16 oc:diane tgx26 dragon53529 pony923145 unicorn304126 background pony10031 badge1128 chewing592 clothes442451 coach302 dissapoint15 dragoness7837 eating9284 equestria games433 face paint764 female1321931 glasses59303 las pegasus resident506 screencap background26 shooting star939 sports bra2835 sports shorts1022


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