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"If the Trinity Corp’s CEO is actually your aunt, how come you haven’t told me, or anyone about it?" Camilia asked with a perplexed face. "I have my reason, really you would want to keep it a secret if you were me." Moosin replied with a dullish tone.

The elevator’s ring sounded as it reached the top of the Trinity tower, the elevator’s door opened and the two were suddenly greeted by a big double door, it’s white and about 3 meters tall. There stood a Praying Maiden guarding the door. As they approached, the Maiden raised a palm and speak in a monotonous voice, just like any other bio-cyborgs:

"Greeting Moosin, your presence is required at the moment, but only you are allowed in. I have to ask you to leave your friend outside to wait.".

Moosin nodded and turned at Camilia: "It’s Ok, it’s just one thing we usually do, it won’t take long.".

"Alright", Camilia replied.

The door opened and Moosin stepped in, the room inside was white just like the entire building outside, he could see streaks of blue running across the room here and there. The rare antique collections his aunt kept in the left side of the room, the right side has a lounge and a door that leads to her bedroom and bathroom. Moosin’s aunt set her work office near the window, the light shining in may not make it effective, but at least it looked cool whenever someone visits. The work desk is a work of art in itself, sure it may not look art-like but he knew that there’s a whole lot of amazing mechanism inside it, for example the desk could literally transforms into a flying craft if needed. A plaque sits atop the desk, with a gold plate wielded onto the base with an engraving of "ELYSIA", Moosin’s aunt’s name.
Elysia was sitting there together with her trusty bio-cyborg Dispatcher Mk4 bodyguard and someone whom Moosin recognized as the famed Ghost Blade, Shaerkell. This was odd because 95% of every occasions it’s just him and his aunt plus the bodyguard. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to ask, he thought to himself.

"Greeting my dearest aunt." Moosin said with a slight smirk on his face

"How’s last night at the club my dear?" Elysia replied to a greeting with a question, she knew full well what her nephew was doing the previous night.

"Do I… have to pretend that I am suprised?" Moosin tried to play along

"And you shouldn’t have called me ’dearest’." Moosin can actually see all three of his aunt’s eyes lit up a bit when she said that. Well, maybe how about a bolder approach then?

"How’s your days lately, we could go out for a dinner tonight if you want, or maybe something more… spicy?" Moosin said as he sat down a chair.

"Is he trying to…" Shaerkell said in hushed suprised voice

"Hphm, we could talk about family night later but right now. I want to offer you a deal." Elysia smiled a bit

"I’m listening." Moosin pretended to not care much.

Elysia went on to explain. "I know what kind of job you do, you meet a lot of strangers every night, you served them, they used you. All for a few hours of thrusting and pleasure. I want to offer you a better job, something that pays better with more dignity and you could contribute to the city while you’re at it. What do you say?"

"What kind of job exactly?"

"Exploring and charting the outer lands. I know, I know, death, injuries and monsters and all… But think about it, you’ve always had a knack for fame, I could make you more famous than you are now."

"Oookay… Can you give me a few seconds to think about this?" Moosin lowered his eyebrows.

"Sure, just take your time." Elysia was still holding her smile.

After a while, Moosin slowly said: "Ok, I accept your proposal auntie. As long as it pays"

"Great, we’ll set you up quickly. I have quite the schedule today, so Shaerkell here will be your guide for the time." Elysia said as she turned toward Shaerkell who was standing next to her

"Sup." Shaerkell said

"Well, you should go now, but before you leave the building, please go to the administrator desk and ask for an application form and fill it in. I still need to employ you like many others." Elysia continued

"Mhm, got it. See ya dear auntie." Moosin turned around, but he could still feel Elysia’s gaze pierce him through the skull.

"Alright, let’s go. There’s a long day ahead of us." Shaerkell said as Moosin followed her out of the room.


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