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Cow Pinkie — Strawberry Milk

Trying out a new shading style, brighter, much faster, looser, and done with hard edges.

Got lines you want colored? Colorist commissions are OPEN!

Lines by Longinius

Color by Vest:
suggestive136911 artist:longinius792 artist:vest384 pinkie pie211287 cow3190 cow pony414 earth pony230523 pony920572 adorasexy9283 alternative lactation94 bell4258 big crotchboobs4202 bow27147 bra15222 clothes441558 colored18739 cow horns231 cowbell1056 cowprint1041 crotchboobs20207 crotchbra292 cute192225 cutie mark45307 female1319480 hair bow14689 huge crotchboobs3990 impossibly large crotchboobs4015 looking at you159712 mare457219 pincow pie148 sexy27880 socks63663 solo1031690 solo female175423 strawberry milk31 underwear58800


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