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Not my best quality art tho, but the main point of this art is to be elegant…. and cute.

4-6 hours spended on the art.

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safe1751479 artist:nevobaster249 roseluck5192 earth pony266330 pony1011419 :p9477 abstract background16098 adorasexy10136 blushing204808 clothes476315 cute205805 cuteluck213 daaaaaaaaaaaw4691 diabetes643 eye clipping through hair6431 female1402729 flower26727 looking at you175837 lying3789 makeup22845 mare502612 mascara659 mirror5443 nevobaster is trying to murder us3 pillow18661 purse610 rose4016 sexy30720 simple background409505 smiling261313 socks68592 solo1095016 stockings34243 tail wrap6712 thigh highs38201 tongue out108357 white background102571


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