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Did Ember shrunk?
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The what in the where
The first one doesn't really count, the other too kinda do because the difference is definitely too great
Background Pony #AD39
Ah, the weird mystery of characters standing closer to the screen in a 3-dimensional space.

Biggest loser
I'd like to say In shot 1 Garble is slouching a bit, 2 Ember is Standing fully straight backed, in 3 She is standing mostly straight but slouching a small tad relative to shot 2
Background Pony Number 17

Garble's hunched over a bit in the first pic, so he's not at his full height.
But yeah, Smolder's definitely taller in the third pic than she is in the second. Or rather, Ember's shorter; Smolder and Spike seem to have the right proportion.
Background Pony #0903
Perspectives are weird. He very well could have been further away from Ember in the first pic, but i dunno, just a guess.