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Strawberry it is! I love alternate manestyles, sue me! She looks cute in pigtails!
suggestive162173 artist:longinius864 pinkie pie231264 cow3796 cow pony515 earth pony321500 pony1225422 alternate hairstyle31530 bell5173 blushing224269 bow34301 bra18092 clothes525560 collar38429 cowbell1202 cowprint1350 crotchboobs23955 crotchbra362 female1517282 hair bow18975 headband3883 huge crotchboobs4436 looking at you199349 mare566745 milk jug53 nudity423739 pigtails5322 pincow pie164 ribbon7843 solo1195872 solo female197239 stockings38699 strawberry milk34 tail bow6667 tail wrap7258 text69928 thigh highs43948 underwear67258


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I hope your friends will pull through! I have started on a medication to help manage it, and I will hopefully see therapy later, so I have some positive prospects.
Thank you, it’s still a pleasure to draw ponies. <3
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Go fsck yourself
Seems to be an ‘auspicious’ time for it, early- to mid-November – I’ve a few close friends dealing with the same condition right now, and I was hospitalized myself almost exactly a year ago for similar reasons. I hope you recover soon. ♥
At the same time, thank you for all the wonderful artwork you’ve created & shared. I’m a big fan. :)