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I kinda had this idea lying around for quite some time so I felt like drawing it <3 I might tweak her colors a little bit ( I originally wanted her to have a more red-ish/orange/pink color scheme but I also like this nude lipstick looking colors too) but she's ok for now.

Parents: Sunset Shimmer and Trixie
Species: Unicorn/Female
Build: slightly taller than average, slim
Special talent: Painting/art
Occupation: Performer, cabaret dancer, exotic dancer.

Daughter of Sunset Shimmer and Trixie Lulamoon, Rouge is one of the prettiest mares around, and envied by many other ladies. Charming, polite and really intelligent. Rouge is extremely skilled in many areas, and easily nails whathever she attempts on doing. She's the perfect daughter every parent could wish for. She's perceptive and easily reads people, as well as she is very convincing, somewhat persuasive and even manipulative if she wants to. If she wanted she could be a great and unbeatable lawyer, or even something in the area of psychology.

But for somewhat of her mothers' dismay, Rouge works at a cabaret and specializes in exotic dancing, working sometimes in places like bordellos. Mama trixie is somewhat proud her daughter chose the path of a performer such as her, but Sunset is pretty disappointed at her daugher for waisting so much potential. They still support her daughter to a certain extent tho.

Due to that, she's frequently underestimated and belittled for the profession she chose. It isn't uncommon to see ponies murmuring about her when she's around, judging her for her pretty looks rather than getting to know the pony she actually is. She's been often called slut, whore, succubus and many other names.

She easily catches the eye of many stallions around, and many jealous mares like to start rumours about her being a vulgar and obscene slut. There has been times in her youth where a colt she actually liked approached her, but she was mad, and heartbroken to find out he only did it for the rumours. Since those times, Rouge slowly grew colder and colder towards other ponies and relationships. She doesn't really see a point in things like romance and love really.


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