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The Deviantart approach.
safe1749857 artist:davierocket234 queen chrysalis35442 oc711585 changeling49759 changeling queen17674 ...2393 :c571 adoptable1735 banner2069 bits1123 c:1223 comic111437 cute205621 cutealis2172 cuteling811 dialogue67937 drone411 fangs26659 female1401313 frown23558 glare8303 glasses64535 jar1096 lidded eyes31772 lineart21214 looking at you175558 open mouth154156 paper3310 sign4122 simple background408945 smiling260717 smirk13005 text62159 white background102452 wide eyes17387


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Background Pony #141A
They can change themselves into whatever the adopter wants or needs. Genius!

In Treue fest
_It's gonna work
I know it's gonna work
It's gonna work out just fine, trust me
It's gonna work
I swear it's gonna work
It's gonna work out just fine, you'll see_