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"You have some nerve asking me out cadet… I like your style."

Here's some OG waifu Spitfire for you guys. Remember how popular she used to be years ago?

(This is also a fuck you to that one guy who keeps DM'ing me about not being able to draw different body types)
suggestive (122062) artist:longinius (606) spitfire (12504) anthro (218519) pegasus (220653) unguligrade anthro (40859) abs (8468) athletic (33) aviator glasses (109) blushing (167362) breasts (225005) busty spitfire (849) cleavage (29469) clothes (386754) female (844864) fitfire (88) hands in pockets (222) looking at you (134568) mare (385987) monochrome (142208) muscles (9158) muscular female (576) sexy (21754) solo (935787) solo female (163248) sports bra (2368) stupid sexy spitfire (778) sunglasses (12368) sweat (21598) toned (185) toned female (42) toothpick (93) traditional art (104887) whistle (1056)


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Background Pony #39CC
Remember how popular she used to be years ago?

I do. And I'm bitterly sorry she doesn't get the same degree of love she used to; Spitfire's a good pony! (And in this case, a very unf pony.)