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AMBER: Woah, it is actually glowing! I thought earth ponies can't perofrm such magic?
SUNSTONE: Ha, we can't.
STARLIGHT RAY: How did you do it?
SUNSTONE: Nothing special, guys. A powder, based on phosphorus, I made it myself.
RAINFALL: Stupid idea. You could burn your hand.
SUNSTONE: You are just saying that because it scared you, Gloomy Face.
RAINFALL: I… I wasn't scared, I was… surprised! And stop calling me "Gloomy Face"!
SUNSTONE: Okey-dokey. But speaking of "faces" — you should have seen the look on your face that moment! Priceless!
DISCORD: I like this guy.
SWEETIE BELLE: Sunstone, listen, you may find it funny, but it is dangerous to experiment with chemicals on your own, you should…
DISCORD: What a funkiller.
SWEETIE BELLE: I heard… (gets trapped in the crystal)
DISCORD: There, much better.
BUTTIN MASH: Umm, Sweetie Belle? You alright?
AMBER EARRING: Auntie? Oh, Mr. Discord, release my auntie Belle, please.
DISCORD: (sighs) Everything for my witch.
SUNSTONE: Okay, to the pumpkin throwers now? Bet no one can beat my record! (foals run away)
SWEETIE BELLE: (becomes free) ..that! Huh, where are they?
BUTTON MASH: Your top.
SWEETIE BELLE: Huh? Yikes!!! (quickly covers herself) DISCORD!!! Oh, unfair universe, why do you hate my tops so much?!
BUTTON MASH: I guess the universe thinks that hiding some things is a crime against nature.
safe (1524639) artist:sinaherib (186) big macintosh (26339) button mash (3690) discord (28072) fluttershy (192773) sweetie belle (45734) oc (574583) oc:amber earring (18) oc:rainfall (46) oc:starlight ray (5) oc:sunstone (14) anthro (219435) bat pony (40657) cat (4964) earth pony (180305) pegasus (222258) unicorn (244086) apple (14061) avatar the last airbender (433) bat ponified (1865) belly button (64198) bill cipher (236) breasts (226443) busty fluttershy (14123) busty sweetie belle (1677) cane (631) clothes (388525) colt (12792) costume (23828) cutie mark (37994) female (849354) filly (56808) flutterbat (6314) flutterbat costume (88) fluttermac (2579) food (57426) fox mccloud (60) gravity falls (1165) hat (72326) katara (38) kiki (28) kiki's delivery service (38) krystal (115) male (289138) moon (20270) nightmare night costume (1395) offspring (32081) older (21620) older button mash (137) older sweetie belle (1616) parent:cheese sandwich (1522) parent:fancypants (697) parent:flash sentry (2413) parent:pinkie pie (3395) parent:rainbow dash (4719) parent:rarity (3337) parent:soarin' (2071) parent:twilight sparkle (6828) parents:cheesepie (1314) parents:flashlight (2080) parents:raripants (476) parents:soarindash (1563) pirate costume (75) race swap (12014) shipping (177177) star fox (223) story included (7249) straight (117477) sweetiemash (562) the cmc's cutie marks (4346) top hat (3533) traditional art (105196)


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