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safe1879717 artist:sharkizs2 applejack182232 rarity196332 earth pony321554 pony1225683 unicorn402008 the last problem6776 cape11998 clothes525639 cowboy hat20141 female1517394 hat100850 lesbian104487 mare566793 older31858 older applejack871 older rarity826 rarijack7530 scarf26437 shipping220148 simple background463761 white background117869


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Background Pony #DF39
I am actually ok with Appledash and Sparity in the future. Rarijack is already magnificent in EQG, no need to force it into both worlds
Background Pony #D36F
What? A pairing that had actual chemistry, and more than one note to their canon interactions? That’s madness!

TwiLuna - the MasterShip
Just compare Hurricane Fluttershy, Wanderbolt academy, Tanks for the Memories, Sleepless in Ponyville with later seasons Dash.  
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