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Well, it's not going Teen Titans Go, cuz TTG was an action show. Drama and character development done just right! Then they threw it away for dumb songs and infinite fart jokes. MLP wasn't all seriousness, action and drama, it had goofy, everyday issues solved in sometimes goofier ways. It's gonna be different, but not NEARLY as different as Teen Titans was to TTG.
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True it could have been can't wait for episode one to see If I'll cringe just like I used to when I thought MLP was shite a long time ago

This certainly has that Steven Universe/Gravity Falls/Gumball/Star Vs the Forces of Evil look to it. I do not want to say Cal Arts because 1, that's so played out, and 2, Cal Arts have given us other creators that haven't made shows using this exact same design in the faces with that sideways cheek.

Also, do they call it Cal Arts because of the creators of the shows I mention all graduated from Cal Arts?
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Every single generation has had a .5 version that made it worse. OP says it could be worse, like knowing that G5.5 is coming is meant to cheer us up?! Nah, that's awful to realise! And then G6.66 will come out and it'll be the end.

Also Newborn Cuties is more like 3.75, it was a special awful as the result of giving the .5 treatment to something that was already .5

Wait… So what we should fear is not G5.5, but… G4.75. The show after Pony Life. Oh god. I feel like I need to invest in a shelter. But nothing will really protect us. Death is coming.