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semi-grimdark33497 artist:brisineo340 artist:dacaoo370 edit157037 oc837372 oc only615091 oc:littlepip4735 pony1325031 unicorn447141 fallout equestria20608 g47323 g4.56828 my little pony: pony life6245 abraxo cleaner6 arbu15 blood28541 bucklyn cross6 bullet hole250 clothes559855 corpse826 dead4844 death5708 fanfic10996 fanfic art16883 feels good10 feels good man14 female1604778 fire13843 g4 to g4.5140 generation leap7946 glowing horn25511 gun18634 handgun3480 happy38407 hooves22773 horn117494 jumpsuit4856 levitation14284 little macintosh598 magic86558 mare619147 mint-als69 open mouth198128 optical sight960 party time mintals44 pipbuck4026 revolver1851 scope267 smiling331681 teeth15406 telekinesis34283 vault suit4089 weapon36666


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stop using Derpi lmao
Stop coming out of the woodwork about me specifically people, christ. Leave the comments for actual comments about how awful it is this edit exists.
Background Pony #18B3
She can’t even smear the blood on her face like in the original because she’s all eyes and mouth.