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suggestive (120031) artist:meiyeezhu (300) paprika paca (613) rainbow dash (211503) velvet reindeer (964) anthro (213630) human (137106) them's fightin' herds (3000) alternate hairstyle (22524) angry (21491) anime (3996) beatdown (19) belly button (62794) blushing (164368) bottomless (11096) boxing (819) boxing gloves (704) breasts (219986) bruised (1300) butt (18082) cheering (659) clothes (381371) comic (95301) community related (2937) crowd (834) crying (37690) eyeshadow (11628) fight (5397) grabbing (537) humanized (90835) injured (2914) kneeing (6) leggings (1511) lights (654) makeup (15717) midriff (17244) muscles (8799) muscular female (502) no panties (1698) old master q (381) parody (14850) rainbow dashs coaching whistle (144) reddened ass (8) referee (155) reference (3433) shocked (5216) short hair (1475) shorts (10983) shorts pulled down (42) spanking (2320) sports (2535) sports bra (2249) surprised (7378) tail (16327) thought bubble (2729) throwing (451) whistle (1025)


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Crimson "Valent" Azure
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Rainbow's Love
Rainbow is my girl even if she might be a lesbian. The thing is, she changed over the course of the series. Originally in Sonic Rainboom she was in between Soarin and another male Wonderbolt which made us think she was straight. And yet there's plenty of tease between her and Pinkie/Fluttershy and her eventual mate (and I use the term loosely since it's open to interpretation) Applejack but I think they wanted it that way because of Ashleigh Ball shipping the two. So I think she could be bisexual.
lance blazer
Spike! - Derpi Supporter
Friendship, Art, and Magic (6 Years) - Celebrated Derpibooru's six year anniversary with friends.
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velvet: i have the most floof you copy cat!
paprika: "random noises" she slams her to the ground and spanks her
velvet: no! i cant be humiliated like this! ow!

I like Dashie and Dusty
1…. 2…. 3….. 4….. 5….. 6…. 7…. 8….. 9…. 10….
Ting Ting
Winner is Paprika Paca for using her signature move