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Transformers fans and bronies are one and the same at this point.
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So it was there back before I was born ( before 1995 ), at that time, I assume those can't happen to MLP G1 fandom because the fandom wan't being masculine enough to spill toxic into Hasbro violently, heck the fandom G1 can be boring to live in as well because not enough masculinity, unlike G4 where it's balanced between masculinity and femininity.
Background Pony #48FE
I can see what happened on MLP side, but not much on Transformers side. If any Transformers fans here care to explain what happened there as well, you are welcome.
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Hasbro actually deserves it. G4 was the brainchild of Lauren Faust and Hasbro took completely different directions for more money.
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It's so accurate that it causes me physical pain.
Though even at its absolute worst, the brony community is pretty tame compared to the worst parts of the TF fandom.

Well we've been around a lot longer we created Ruined FOREVER.
Personally I find this whole thing adorable just look at you lot gettin' all huffy!
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@The Walhi Llama
Touched a nerve, did I?

► is super mad because A Thing Is Different
► gets told to calm the heck down
► "LOL u mad bro?"

…Yeah, that totally scans.

It remains, as it ever has been, a magic friendship horse cartoon for eight year olds; it is 110% not worth screaming about because the toy company behind it changed the art design so it could sell different toys. If you hate the wonky new designs and/or the doofy Coffee Shop AU setting, there's a stunningly obvious solution that you seem to have missed: feckin' well ignore it, mate. Hide the tags. Blacklist it on Tomblr or Twooter or Gesichtbuch or whatever. If people wanna talk to you about it, shut 'em down with a "Yeah, no, I hate that so I don't watch it", and then they're the jerks if they keep yammering at you about it.