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Pencil test hiccuped, the force of the firm fingers that had enveloped her barrel causing her ribs to creak and her diaphragm to jiggle from the strong but somehow soft grasp that had swept her from the floor. Pencil's eyes going wide as she had not expected the sudden intimacy of a peach palm on her plush plot, the hand holding her like a candy bar leaving her front legs to loop over the thick thumb as she was brought towards an immense face.

The mare mumbling "Too Tight," as she struggled to breathe, her lungs struggling slightly at the overbearing affection as the tip of a finger began to stroke her cheery cheek as if she were a dog. The mare's hooves coming up to block the finger, but the frogs were pushed aside like reeds in the wind, as the giant had their fun with their little pony.

This left Pencil to begrudgingly accept the unwanted attention, as she reluctantly came to terms with the awkward situation; This was going to be a long day……
safe1556805 artist:crazy water161 derpibooru exclusive23840 oc594557 oc:gadget flare45 oc:pencil test27 earth pony190937 pony827922 chubby12489 cute173482 fat19601 fluffy12658 hand7663 holding a pony2504 in goliath's palm219 micro8391 splotches39 squeezing396 squishy2067


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Background Pony #5D19
Reminds me of something that happened when I was little.

My younger brother and a girl that was playing with him one day showed my dad a hamster.
Then my younger brother said, "Look dad, this hamster can smile!" and squeezed the hamster he held in his hands.

The poor hairball squirmed in his hands and eventually stuck out its tong, gasping for air.
My dad took some time to explain that was not funny and the hamster was not smiling.

(After he and the rest of the family stopped laughing, you can probably see the mixed message my brother got here.)