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From the official press release
The “Mane 6” characters fans fell in love with in MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC are back with all-new character design inspired by chibi-style animation. The MY LITTLE PONY: PONY LIFE series launches next year with all-new content premiering on Discovery Family and Discovery Family GO and short form content on the MY LITTLE PONY YouTube channel. MY LITTLE PONY: PONY LIFE features the same voice actors who made the Mane 6 famous in MY LITTLE PONY: FRIENDSHIP IS MAGIC.
The new look for the franchise kicks off this winter with an exciting product line featuring toys designed to Reveal the Magic of Friendship with the comical characters and mysterious potions that are featured in the animated series. The new line dials up the magic experiences more than ever before with magical potion surprise, magic growing hair, magic color reveal hair, and more! Each product can reveal even more magic with a special potion bottle to unbox in every package. Amazon will be the first to debut select new products on November 13. Additional MY LITTLE PONY: PONY LIFE product will start hitting shelves at select retailers in December – just in time for the holidays. Toys “R” Us will be the exclusive destination for the MY LITTLE PONY Magic Potion line in Canada in 2020.
“We are thrilled to reveal a new, magical chapter for the MY LITTLE PONY franchise – and it’s funnier, sweeter and warmer than ever!” says Samantha Lomow, President, Hasbro Entertainment Brands. “Our magical MY LITTLE PONY makeover is inspired by our fans who are looking for more ways to experience their favorite characters from the MY LITTLE PONY world. We are also bringing the magic to life with all new ways to play so our fans can experience the magic through engaging new products. We hope fans of all ages will enjoy exploring a fun new side of friendship and all the new story magic MY LITTLE PONY: PONY LIFE has to offer as we gear up for the launch of the all new MY LITTLE PONY movie from Paramount on September 24, 2021.”
The new MY LITTLE PONY: PONY LIFE show looks at the funny side of friendship. The new center of the world is Sugarcube Corner – just like going to a friend’s house after school, this is our ponies’ home away from home. Here, Pinkie Pie serves up frosted cupcakes to the best customers in the world— her friends! PONY LIFE episodes feature hilarious, “SLICE OF LIFE” stories that modern kids can relate to. The series is LOADED with magic, including a mysterious source of potions that Pinkie keeps hidden behind the bakery counter and breaks out when the need arises.
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Those stop motion shorts were not what they were talking about. This will be a tv show on Discovery Family with the Mane Six voice actresses returning.

This style honestly looks better than the claymation style they went for with the same design.  
That’s just my honest opinion.
It also isn’t exactly so far something that I can find terribly interesting, it’s only been a few things as of yet, though.
Vergil Senpai

“Calarts Style” was a term coined by notorious pedophile John K, it was originally described as “artists trying to opt disney’s style”. So the term wasn’t even about “bean smiles” in the first place.
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Duck - User has been known to often resemble a waterfowl
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That art style has literally nothing to do with the California Institute of the Arts. Come up with a different name for it. I’d call it “Godawful Corporate Design by Talentless Executives”, as that’s the most accurate description, but you can think of something more catchy.
Just stop using the name of a school that literally had nothing to do with this style at all.

Calarts is the style you go with when you don’t want to fucking try and don’t want to fucking hide that you’re not trying.
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I just found from Equestria daily and twitter that the writers are revealed to be working on the show.  
The writers are Whitney Ralls, writer for Equestria Girls taneka stotts, writer of Steven universe: future and Craig of the creek  
Dave horwitz a recent writer for Rick and morty Greg Levine, writer for Park and Recreation and finally Josh Brown a writer for Rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtles for Nickelodeon.