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Merged the best parts from >>2191827 (merged), >>2191888 (merged) and >>2191889 (merged).  
At least in my opinion.
suggestive148593 artist:racoonsan570 edit136189 princess celestia96890 princess luna100906 alicorn233514 human159256 between dark and dawn1648 alicorn humanization287 alternate hairstyle29156 anime5694 beach16079 belly button81568 bikini19041 bikini bottom1136 blame my sister74 clothes477181 cute206160 cutelestia3678 duo65037 female1405228 hair bun3519 hawaiian shirt456 horn78253 horned humanization6906 humanized102051 i'm with stupid46 lunabetes3640 magic shirt98 mare503818 nail polish8123 ocean7288 open mouth155212 palm tree1620 passive aggressive30 royal sisters4616 shirt26299 swimsuit29830 tree33652 winged humanization8856 wings123796


not provided yet


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I need an edit where Luna’s shirt says, “I’m Stupid.”
I’ll go you one better: an enchanted T-shirt that says that to everyone else, but any time Luna sees her reflection it says “Blame my sister.” I wonder how long it would be before someone explains to her why she gets so many smiles and laughs when she wears it? 😏