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safe1945401 alternate version66505 artist:soulfulmirror203 spike86450 twilight sparkle330011 alicorn269655 dragon70277 pony1295157 alarm clock477 candy8342 christmas16678 clock2246 cup7618 female1578762 food85839 gramophone213 halloween11363 hat106273 holiday27055 marshmallow1492 music notes4059 onomatopoeia6226 pumpkin5908 pumpkin spice26 santa hat7026 singing7337 snow16540 snowfall5088 this will end in diabetes55 twilight sparkle (alicorn)137281 twilight's castle4721 wide eyes18662 winged spike9260 wings168947


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Can’t blame them. I for one only care about christmas season. All the other festivities might as well not exist to me.