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safe1557779 artist:jucamovi1992464 flash sentry11985 twilight sparkle280107 alicorn191501 pegasus233265 pony828885 the last problem4001 armor21350 crown13547 female881943 flashlight2548 helmet9757 jewelry49299 male299693 older22606 princess twilight 2.01521 regalia15781 shipping181794 straight120308 throne2743 twilight sparkle (alicorn)113878


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@Macaroni C-Pony
That's always what I felt like when I first got introduced to him. He's a normal guy. He doesn't stand out, he just helps how much he can (which improves over time like the time he grabbed Sunset's geode).

He's just like any ordinary person like me. That's why I like him.
Macaroni C-Pony

I like Flash. Always saw him as the ponysona of the average guy

Honestly that’s how I see myself.

Nothing special nothing unique.

Perfect for best pone.

I could see why others would get jealous.
Background Pony #AA4C
I'm not a fan of FlashLight romance. But I hope Twilight Sparkle and Flash Sentry get to interact together as friends in the upcoming Season 10 comic books scheduled for April 2020.