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Twilight Sparkle: And who got Fluttershy?

Rainbow Dash: [panting after running] Standing here the whole time!
safe1705856 screencap222136 fluttershy212595 rainbow dash233896 sci-twi24265 sunset shimmer62988 twilight sparkle300276 dashing through the mall483 equestria girls200326 equestria girls series32976 holidays unwrapped2063 spoiler:eqg series (season 2)14177 bowtie10126 box4621 clothes459395 dress44497 earmuffs1194 faic12330 female1362529 food70073 geode of fauna1834 geode of super speed2454 geode of telekinesis2934 gift box258 glasses61883 hands behind back1517 jacket12522 magical geodes8848 orange946 ponytail17878 present5969 strawberry961 teeth9751 winter outfit1515 wristband3623


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^ OMG, it's OMQ!!
WOW, Rainbow! What took you so long??!! Did you had too much coffee and SUDDENLY came down with the case of the runs???! HAHAHHAHHA!!