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Well, duh. Bad guys don't deserve to be included there.
safe1678923 edit129592 edited screencap63418 screencap218759 aloe2598 angel bunny9751 apple bloom48774 autumn blaze3753 babs seed5712 berry punch6505 berryshine6505 big macintosh27934 bon bon16183 bow hothoof1024 braeburn6225 bright mac1272 burnt oak122 capper dapperpaws1560 carrot cake2073 cattail90 cheerilee9865 cheese sandwich3903 cherry jubilee1098 clear sky433 cloudy quartz1330 coco pommel5874 coloratura2869 cozy glow7237 cranky doodle donkey987 cup cake4077 daring do6352 derpy hooves49711 diamond tiara10120 discord30468 dj pon-328999 doctor fauna538 doctor muffin top84 doctor whooves10664 double diamond1661 fancypants1919 featherweight1252 flam2121 flash magnus811 flash sentry12657 flim2220 gabby2366 garble1786 gentle breeze356 gilda9486 goldie delicious380 grand pear257 granny smith5284 gummy5023 igneous rock pie877 iron will1326 limestone pie4891 little strongheart814 lord tirek5182 lotus blossom2740 lyra heartstrings29198 marble pie6410 matilda505 maud pie12317 mayor mare3240 meadowbrook813 mistmane750 moondancer4769 mudbriar796 night glider1357 night light2233 nurse redheart3521 ocellus5169 octavia melody23525 opalescence2075 owlowiscious1976 pear butter2752 pharynx981 photo finish2605 pipsqueak2829 plaid stripes250 posey shy1215 pound cake2519 prince rutherford753 princess cadance32312 princess celestia93882 princess ember6346 princess flurry heart7117 princess luna98035 pumpkin cake2262 queen chrysalis34311 quibble pants1511 rainbow dash230928 rockhoof1120 roseluck5023 rumble3911 saffron masala1613 sandbar5362 sassy saddles1049 scootaloo50784 shining armor22857 silver spoon6458 silverstream5997 smolder7692 snails5274 snips4179 soarin'13818 somnambula1880 spitfire13261 starlight glimmer47858 stygian768 sugar belle3082 sunburst6570 sunset shimmer61847 sweetie belle48494 sweetie drops16183 tank2711 thorax4253 thunderlane4038 time turner10659 tree hugger2778 trouble shoes1122 twilight sparkle296990 twilight velvet4180 twist2846 vinyl scratch28999 wind sprint557 windy whistles2075 winona2507 yona5008 zecora9235 zephyr breeze2320 zippoorwhill377 alicorn219162 breezie2139 buffalo925 centaur3268 changedling8083 changeling46104 donkey1807 dragon54616 earth pony238594 griffon26485 pegasus281309 pony941398 rabbit5144 unicorn311936 yak4509 the ending of the end3120 the last problem5569 animal4171 buttercup75 caption21159 cutie mark crusaders18828 everycreature45 everypony375 female1338320 filly64885 flim flam brothers1234 image macro36958 impact font1485 king thorax2822 legion of doom statue87 meme81213 petrification935 prince pharynx709 rara1047 spa twins1330 statue2283 text58222 the magic of friendship grows90 they forgot about me18 twilight sparkle (alicorn)122257 user meltdown in the comments42 wall of tags2916


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My Little Pony - 1992 Edition

A neutral person
Number 1, the episode The Last Problem is fake.
Number 2, Queen Chrysalis, Lord Tirek and Cozy Glow are stupid.
Number 3, those users don’t get it for believing so.
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@Background Pony #1EF8
Well, duh. Bad guys don’t deserve to be included there.

Gilda, Discord, Iron Will, Garble, Flim, Flam, Sunset Shimmer, Trixie, Starlight Glimmer.

Gilda, Discord, Sunset Shimmer, Trixie and Starlight Glimmer redeemed themselves. Iron Will was never an antagonist. Garble was just a jerk, not to the same level as the Petrified 3. Flim and Flam are just con men, but not a major threat.
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