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Apple Spin! 1080p link in the source.
safe1655066 artist:anontheanon328 artist:jargon scott2253 artist:luzion22 edit127492 edited screencap62108 editor:luzion28 screencap215685 apple bloom48270 applejack165687 fluttershy207227 lighthoof525 luster dawn1428 lyra heartstrings28931 pinkie pie211195 princess celestia92966 princess luna97190 rainbow dash228144 rarity177293 shimmy shake527 spike77150 twilight sparkle293705 winona2491 oc653071 oc:apogee845 oc:littlepip4006 alicorn214536 dragon53287 fish2375 kirin7972 pegasus272004 pony919569 unicorn302361 yak4407 bronycon1917 bronycon 2019180 derpibooru7012 fallout equestria16355 a canterlot wedding2710 bloom and gloom1014 the last problem5416 absurd file size767 adorabloom2622 animated95975 atomic bomb161 band geeks27 bathroom2089 bathtub1678 call of duty417 cigarette3640 compilation537 crab rave6 crown15858 cute192003 dancing8074 dark souls670 donald trump312 female1318582 football1505 giant pony4459 gigachad spike746 glutes12 hat kid26 implied pooping154 jewelry58590 look at my horse10 lusterbetes126 macro10458 male356103 mane seven6313 mane six31089 mare456778 meta16406 mr weebl6 music2730 musical instrument9062 not salmon2245 nuclear weapon233 older25330 older applejack686 older fluttershy654 older mane seven226 older mane six338 older pinkie pie651 older rainbow dash751 older rarity653 older spike4959 older twilight1457 pan flute12 pmv288 ponyville5573 poop5166 princess twilight 2.02166 radiation100 regalia18592 ren and stimpy179 ren and stimpy adult party cartoon9 rick and morty496 seizure warning3214 sound8138 space4876 spinning883 spongebob squarepants2835 sports3323 super smash bros.1112 taco tuesday220 thepruld1 toilet1610 trump29 twilight sparkle (alicorn)120862 undertale1682 underwater4910 video game4746 wall of tags2844 wat18888 watermark15222 weapon29380 webm12173 what the hell?18 white house29 youtube link4785


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