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Day 1 Paris, France
Day 2 Paris, France
Day 3 Neuschwanstein Castle, Germany (I got homesick when I was on my tour)
Day 4 Salzburg, Austria
Day 5 I forgot. But we visited München HBF (der Bahnhof) in Germany.
Day 6 Kiel, Germany
Day 7 Kiel, Germany
Day 8 Gdańsk, Poland
Day 9 Klaipeda, Lithuania
Day 10 Tallinn, Estonia
Day 11 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Day 12 Saint Petersburg, Russia
Day 13 Helsinki, Finland
Day 14 Stockholm, Sweden
Day 15 Kiel, Germany
Day 16 Stockholm, Sweden

Dates 13/6/19 — 29/6/19
safe1654513 artist:rainbow eevee810 meadowbrook797 rainbow dash228105 sea swirl1535 seafoam1535 silverstream5888 oc652812 oc:rainbow eevee178 classical hippogriff4751 hippogriff9185 pony918957 unicorn302026 airport120 austria60 boat1306 castle1962 clothes441064 cute191912 dress42773 eiffel tower134 estonia26 ethereal mane7390 europe86 female1318050 finland130 france331 gala dress4484 galaxy mane1062 gdansk1 germany569 grass field636 irl68891 kiel1 klaipeda1 lithuania19 map1275 neuschwanstein4 ocean5972 op is a duck4356 op is trying to start shit2823 paris137 pencil3497 photo77750 poland289 restaurant661 review154 rock4251 russia795 saint petersburg13 salzburg4 stockholm5 sweden144 table8829 tallinn3 text55851 travel18 wat18886 wtf2137


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