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I think this was around the time I realized Movie Slate is no longer about Movie Slate but about the movies she's subjected to. Not like it's been like that only in the past couple of months. I'd argue Movie Slate stopped being about her around the time I drew her walking down the Wasteland with a "Fallout" get up to review "Book of Eli". It may sound like I am complaining, but this is nothing of the sort. Movie Slate has always been a vehicle for me to try out new things. With the 2014 I tried getting better at backgrounds, atmospheric environments, and other settings. In 2015 I was aiming at becoming faster, something that got into play for the first Shark Week (and has since then been applied to every InkTober ever). And this year it's been all about getting to know these giant monsters, the way they behave, and how to pose them.

Doing this picture has given me a great deal of appreciation for those who build models and sets for kaiju movies with practical effects. I won't lie when I say it's pretty sad this sort of artistry is getting lost in favour of digital effects and digital miniatures, but then again here I am doing a digital picture and uploading it on the internet, where you guys can see it. Things and techniques change. It's all about how much charm are we planning on attaching to it.

"Godzilla VS Megalon" should've had its own TV Series. And toy line. I don't mean the toys that just came with the movie but a toy line like, "JetJaguar the mail man"! Or "JetJaguar the milk float driver"! "JetJaguar and Godzilla's Funky Funtime Theme Park with real water action"! And let's not forget, "JetJaguar Office Worker"! I may have gotten ahead of myself. I love this fucking movie. I never watched it as a kid, and only did so to work on this piece, and it brought me back to that more innocent time of Power Rangers, cereal bowls and Master Ssytem II afternoons. Because that's what "Godzilla VS Megalon" is. It's a wonderful, joyous, infectiously happy movie. I forgot when was the last time I had a big stupid smile on my face the whole time while watching a movie for what's essentially work. You may have noticed I've yet to mention the plot and that's because it's meaningless. Giant Monsters attack, Godzilla you team up with this giant robot we've named JetJaguar and go beat them up with wrestling moves. It's pure innocent fun, the kind we used to have before we all became jaded and cynical with age.

"Godzilla VS Megalon" is by no means a perfect movie, but it brings the joy of a simpler time when something could be just as easy as giant monsters and giant robots punching each other in the face. Sometimes you just have to forget subtext and make something fun and that's fun to watch. Tell you what, if you ever feel down or sad, check this movie out. It may not be art, it may never be put in a museum, but it's going to make you happy. And that's worth the golf clap.

I hope you guys enjoy the picture!


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