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Originally posted on: April 26, 2015
Season 1 Episode 1 (couple hours before the upcoming Summer Sun Celebration)

Chase: Wellll…hello to all of you so called…sigh commentors. Or what I like to refer to has the "VOICES" in my head. Anyway…it is sometime between morning and the afternoon. I live in or in any case imprisoned in one of the towers of Celestia's castle in Canterlot. Sooooo, before I say anything else lets see how well you do at asking me about myself or something…inconspicuous shall we? (Its not like I'll be going anywhere anytime soon).

NEXT-→ http://fav.me/d8rbezl (>>2189407)

Bio -→ http://fav.me/d8qtmh6 (>>2189402)

Salvation/Happiness(help him make it to it…or not) -→ http://fav.me/d8xls3p (>>2192053)

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