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~Slutty Royalty
suggestive148403 artist:aer0 zer0910 twilight sparkle306086 alicorn232865 pony1010341 season 91294 the last problem6083 spoiler:s09801 ahegao25627 bedroom eyes61363 blushing204610 drool25698 female1401703 lewd770 lidded eyes31784 looking at you175655 mare502087 open mouth154292 princess twilight 2.02543 salivating1826 solo1094240 solo female183686 tongue out108235 twilight sparkle (alicorn)126187


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Background Pony #536F
I knew Twilight looked sexy in the finale, but damn does she leave me feeling weak between the knees…
I love her bedroom eyes…
Background Pony #9145
Mentored by bigsexy, raised with sexylove, and overseen by stupidsexy…
She turned out perfect.