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These voice actors wildin’
Saw this floating around on Tumblr and I knew I had to upload it here if someone else hadn't already.
suggestive137194 applejack165896 fluttershy207464 granny smith5231 princess luna97294 rarity177503 spike77233 trixie65743 dragon53484 earth pony231322 pegasus273123 pony922388 unicorn303734 andrea libman495 animated96172 ashleigh ball336 blooper197 cathy weseluck214 fuck156 fuck me hard34 implied pear butter64 implied porn93 kathleen barr87 my little pony after dark40 outtakes62 sound8179 tabitha st. germain361 terry klassen26 voice actor664 vulgar20147 webm12247 winged spike8134


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Background Pony #30B2
Trixie: “FUCK!”

“Fuck is good. That was good.”

Trixie: “Use it.”

Trixie: “Bitch.”
Background Pony #209B
And Growing Up is Hard to Do (the monocle and hop hat/fucking poo and poo part)
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Background Pony #209B
I think those lines came from Inspiration Manifestation, Testing Testing 123 and The Perfect Pear
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Mista Guido

Kono Mista da!
Tabitha has the filthiest mouth and iove it! For what it's worth I headcanon Rarity as having a massive Sailor mouth, even more than RD.
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I just hope no MORONS try to bring this up in interviews.

One of the reasons these are kept hidden is because of the staunch resume companies look at. It's one thing to swear as part of an adult script of an adult show, it's another to be doing so during the filming of something meant for young audiences.

Obviously in the booths, the VAs and director are fine with it, but the executive higher ups and other such people who are not normally around during said sessions and have no sense of humor will go "this VA cannot hold their tongue, we will NOT hire them." and other such things.
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Background Pony #5B9C
Where did these outtakes come from, and how can we get more of them.
They were stolen.

And we shouldn't even have these, let alone more of them.
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Being an adult doesn't automatically mean you swear. I have many friends and colleagues I've never heard swear just because they never grew up with it.
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