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An anonymous coloring commission of my recently reuploaded Twilight sketch. She's a musky pone with smelly soles and flats.

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suggestive136846 artist:fetishsketches726 twilight sparkle293762 anthro249433 plantigrade anthro30586 barefoot26522 blushing189133 breasts264889 commission63118 dialogue62851 dirty feet233 feet38118 female1318893 fetish38022 flats353 foot fetish7433 magic70717 signature22207 simple background376516 soles4050 solo1031209 solo female175405 stinky feet75 sweaty feet115 toes6033 white background93330


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Loves dirty kinky stuff
All the more reason to sniff and lick her beautiful feet, But of course offer her a soothing massage afterwards.