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Alternate source [DeviantArt]

Sketched this on Monday and decided to color it.
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This is fanart showing a romantic pairing between the characters Fluttershy and Discord.

If you want to support and encourage the artist by talking about the image or how well they've captured the romance of the characters, feel free to do so.

If you want to argue about whether that's canon to the show, or complain about people complaining, use the forums.

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Background Pony #1EF9
No, because there will be always Dislestia shippers who will go to Discoshy images and get triggered that this ship is closest to canon.
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Background Pony #1EF9
@Background Pony #B684
If she's the only pony who understand him and they like eachother, i don't see a different route they would follow than dating. Unless they both don't want to have families, which after seeing Fluttershy freak out over baby dragons i can see her wanting to have kids in the future. And both of them don't have any developed options for a different partner. Discord's bond with Twilight, Spike, Big Mac and Smooze is not comparable to Fluttershy. And i don't see any special bond between Fluttershy and Mane6. She share almost same screentime with each of them except maybe with Twilight. Dash is probably the closest due to them sharing a childhood, but there was never any hint or even tease of interest like between RariJack and it wasn't ever established that they visit eachother regularly off screen.
So with all that in mind, I assume canonicity of that image unless the episode state that they are only platonic or if FS or Discord establish a different love interest.